Mobigo helps you to prepare and manage your Burgundy-Franche-Comté routes as smoothly as possible by using one or more modes of transport: train, bus, bus, tram, car pool, car-sharing, bicycle, hike.

Accessible by internet or by phone, Mobigo is the solution for all your journeys in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté !


This regional mobility service promotes and facilitates the use of public transport by offering simple and accessible information and solutions. Driven by the Region, it is the result of a partnership with communities and public transport networks :

- the TEA network, from Grand Autunois Morvan,

- the Leo network, of the community of Auxerrois,

- the Côte et Bus network, in the Beaune Côte & Sud conurbation,

- the Optymo network, of the TCS Territoire de Belfort,

- the Ginko network, from Grand Besançon,

- the Zoom network, from Grand Chalon,

- the network MonRézo, of the urban community Creusot-Montceau,

- the network Divia mobilités, of Dijon metropolis,

- the Tallis network, of the Lons agglomeration community area,

- the network Tréma, Mâconnais Beaujolais agglomeration,

- the Taneo network, in the agglomeration of Nevers,

- the Intercom network, Grand Sénonais.

- the Vbus network, in the Vesoul agglomeration,

- the TGD network, in the Dole agglomeration,

- the Urbus network, of the city of Saint-Claude,

- the évolitY network, from the city of Montbéliard,

- the TCP network, from the city of Pontarlier.

The information platform Mobigo has benefited from EU funds (ERDF) for its development.