The regional mobility network

For many years now, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region has been responsible for organising public transport services by rail (2002), intercity and school (2017) throughout its territory under the Mobigo brand. Since the Loi d'orientation des mobilités (2019), as the lead authority for mobility, the Region has been working to facilitate access to the various modes of transport in its area, still under the Mobigo mobility brand.

Its aim : to keep you informed about the transport services available in the Region.

It has set up a multimodal information system, viamobigo.fr, to bring together all the information on public transport in the urban networks of the partner conurbations and the regional Mobigo network, so that everyone in the region can find out about alternatives to the private car. Technology to facilitate the customer journey.




In addition, the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region transports or assists more than 125,000 pupils every day. Find out more here: https://www.bourgognefranchecomte.fr/accueil-transport


Mobility everywhere and for everyone

To facilitate access to the different modes of transport within its territory, the Region is developing a complete mobility chain.

Intermodality and innovation are at the heart of its priorities in defining its new transport policy. It is thinking about mobility in its entirety and aims to make it sustainable, connected, shared and accessible to all.

The viamobigo.fr regional mobility service promotes and facilitates the use of public transport by offering simple, accessible information and solutions.



Transport services offered by partner conurbations

Managed by the Region, the Mobigo multimodal information system is the result of a partnership with the region's local authorities and transport networks.




Key figures


Its aim : information in all areas, for all journeys

Passenger information, a route and fare calculator and ticket purchase. Routes, timetables, traffic information and all the maps of the region's networks at viamobigo.fr



Mobigo over the years



Adoption of a coherent plan for the deployment of publicly accessible electric charging points (SCIRVE) aimed at developing recharging infrastructures for electric vehicles (IRVE).


Roll-out of TER ticket sales on the Mobigo app.


Deployment of M-Ticket and harmonised ticketing on Mobigo interurban lines.


Loi d'Orientation de la Mobilité : all modes of transport taken into account, players reorganised with the Region in the lead. Single road fare of €1.50 for one journey and €40 for a monthly season ticket. Free school transport for the whole of France.


Grouping of inter-city, school and TER lines under the Mobigo information system.


In 7 of the 8 départements, the Region is now responsible for organising regular bus services and school transport.


Merger of the Regions.


NOTRe Act : transfer of certain powers from the départements to the regions.


Deployment of the car-sharing service.


Launch of the first public transport information website.


The first regional call centre is set up.


The Region becomes the Organising Authority for regional rail transport.