Linking to the website

The multimodal information website Mobigo allows the setting up of hypertext links pointing to its pages, subject to:

  •     do not use the deep link technique, that is to say that the pages of the site must not be nested inside the pages of another site, but visible by the opening of an independent window,
  •     that the source that will point through a hypertext link directly to the targeted content is specified.

The information used should be for personal, educational, associative or professional purposes only; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

Customer service

If you encounter any problems on the Mobigo website or the mobile application, or would like to obtain answers to specific technical questions, we invite you to contact customer service using the "Contact us" form, available in the footer.

An answer will be communicated within a few days.

Changing the email address

The change of your email address has to be done directly contacting the customer service.

To contact the customer service, we allow you to use the "Contact us" form and give your new address email.

Your interlocutor we'll be in charge to reply to your demand in a few days.