On the web and the app

The section "Traffic information" is divided into 2 sections: information on disturbances or events in progress and those to come.

A disturbance is presented in the following form:

- the title of the disturbance, if possible the wording of the line concerned;

- the subtitle indicating the network concerned and the dates on which the disturbance takes place;

- the description of the disturbance.

The information on Mobigo is not updated in real time. They concern known disturbances at least 48 hours in advance.

In practice, the traffic information is displayed on the route or schedule search results when disturbances are expected.

Be informed by email

In your user account, you can select alerts that allow you to receive by mail the disturbances published on the website and the mobile application.

Non-exhaustivity of disturbances

The website and the mobile application Mobigo are partnership projects. Also, we can not assure that all the foreseen disturbances are well indexed on the site. We work in this direction. While waiting to be able to guarantee the same level of information on the disturbances as on the digital information tools of the urban networks or SNCF, we invite you to check the information on the disturbances directly on the tools of the network concerned.

Concerning the disturbances on the Mobigo regular road lines, we do our best to list the maximum anticipated disturbances. This does not guarantee completeness.