On-demand transportation

On-demand transportation (TAD) is a form of public transportation. Its particularity is that vehicles do not necessarily follow the fixed routes of regular lines and do not follow a specific schedule. Another particularity, this service requires a preliminary reservation of the traveler to ensure the journey.
On-demand transport can also be adapted and reserved for specific subscribers, such as people with reduced mobility.


The law of 17 August 2015 on the energy transition for green growth (TECV) defines carpooling (Article L. 3132-1 of the Transport Code): the joint use of a land motor vehicle by a driver and one or more passengers, which is not costly, except for the sharing of expenses, as part of a trip the driver is making on his own behalf.


The car-sharing activity is defined by Article L.1231-14 of the Transport Code as: "the pooling of a vehicle or a fleet of motorized land transport vehicles for the benefit of subscribing users or authorized by the organization or the person managing the vehicles. Each subscriber or authorized user can access a driverless vehicle for the journey of his choice and for a limited time. "