Become a driver!

Do you want to become a driver? It's easy !

  1. To become a driver, you must have an Android smartphone version 5.0 or higher.
  2. You need to download the mobile app on badge-playstore-download16968692-8fff-4255-9ee0-a20059348b8c.png
  3. You must register and create a driver profile with :
        The characteristics of the vehicle
        Your banking information for compensation
  4. Define your route, your schedules to create an offer for future passengers.
  5. Your planned trips will be available for booking. Once left :
    Passengers will know the time of passage in real time
    Passengers will see my vehicle
  6. I validate or I put the requests on hold.

On the way !

  1. I inform, from my mobile, about my service.
  2. I keep the application active and I activate the geolocation system for the duration of my trip to inform my passenger in real time about my schedule
  3. I present to my / my passenger (s) the QRCode of validation so that I can be compensated (e).
  4. I make my way.
  5. I receive my payments by bank transfer every month

How am I compensated?

The driver is compensated by bank transfer each month according to a grid of amounts defined according to the distance traveled and the number of passengers transported.

Good news ! The Region contributes by convention to this compensation.




Become a passenger!

Enjoy the friendliness of carpooling while preserving the environment.

  1. To be a passenger, you must have an Android smartphone version 5.0 or higher.
  2. The application is free and available on Android badge-playstore-download16968692-8fff-4255-9ee0-a20059348b8c.png
  3. I register and create my passenger profile.
  4. I buy my titles and credit my account:
          € 1.50 per trip or € 15 the carnet.
          € 1.50 is the cost per trip, the same price as a regional trip on the Mobigo network.
  5. I am looking for a line and the route that suits me.
  6. I reserve my trip :
        Go and / or return
        Stop and schedule
  7. Pay via the app, then scan the QR Code presented by the driver on the day.

Be reassured, each driver is identified and geo located by the carpool team Mobigo.


On the way !

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Move to the stop shown in the app
  3. Follow in real time :
         The time of passage of your driver
         The location of the vehicle
  4. View on the app the vehicle of your driver.
  5. When stopped, scan the QR Code presented by the driver.
  6. Then on the way!


My driver is not gone?

Contact by e-mail the carpool support Mobigo: by mentioning the following information:


For any questions or malfunctions to report:

You can contact us at the email address: