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In 2008, the TCMS made an important strategic choice by creating the Optymo Pass. The principle is both simple and revolutionary: the card is free, personal and its duration is unlimited. Better still, it offers the post payment which allows the user to pay only trips made at the cost of 1 € the trip and to be taken from this amount, the 15 of the following month. You had to think about it! Better yet, it is capped at € 36 or € 13 for social categories and schools (schools that benefit from 1 free A / R per day). Concrete example: if you do not use it, you will not pay anything, if you use the card 10 times, you will pay 10 €. If you use it for 100 trips, you will only be charged 36 €. Maximum rate for maximum use ...


In addition to the creation of the Pass, the purchase of the ticket from the driver has been removed. It has been replaced by outlets, about sixty in the department, mainly tobacco shops. This allows a better commercial speed (from 14 to 21 km / h), which allows us to fulfill our commitment: a bus in town every 7 to 15 minutes. It's really about optimizing the running time of our vehicles.

In 2009, the SMTC invents a new concept: the SMS ticket. First network of France to propose it. In concrete terms, by sending the word bus from your mobile phone to 8 41 00, your ticket is automatically saved, even within seconds of the arrival of the bus. Success is immediate, today 15,000 SMS per month are used.

In 2013, the SMTC launched its triple play mobility offer (Bus + bike + car). It is accessible to all with the Optymo Pass. The triple play offer, bus, bike and Optymo car, will allow households in Belfort to deprive themselves of their cars, and make every trip, daily or exceptional, with the most suitable vehicle, paying only the use actually made . On the ground, the inhabitants of Greater Belfort have 30 stations and 250 self-service bicycles as well as 80 cars (city cars, saloons and vans) spread over 69 car-sharing stations, all available 24/24, 7 / 7.


In 2018, the Optymo e-ticket is available on the Tixipass application (Ios and Androïd). The rates are the same as in our points of sale. This system will eventually replace the sms ticket, to buy the entire range of tickets Optymo (except group tickets). With this new online service, our occasional customers can prepare their journeys by buying and "storing" their tickets and our customers who have forgotten or lost their Optymo Pass can travel easily and peacefully.

Optymo has the ambition to release mobility by simplifying the uses and proposing a dense sufficient supply to fight effectively against the "all car".

No subscription, no deposit, no entrance fee, no deposit.

All these innovations allowed; Optymo network to convince 80,000 customers (out of 144,000 inhabitants in the department); To our buses to increase from 4 to 9.5 million the number of trips in 8 years; Self-service bikes to be used 100,000 times a year; The fleet of car-sharing to achieve 3.5 million kilometers in 4 years and our cars to be rented 26 000 times a year by our 4 000 customers.



Network Optymo

SMTC of Territoire de Belfort



Optymo, an innovative mobility offer created by TCS of the Territoire de Belfort

The Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun (SMTC) is the Organizing Authority for Mobility (A.O.M) of the Territoire de Belfort. As a public institution, it is its responsibility to organize and provide a public public transport service for people. The TCMS is administered by a union council of 30 elected representatives from communities within its jurisdiction.

After the observation of an obsolete and aging public transport network, the team of the SMTC, proposes in 2004, a new policy of concerted mobility between all the actors of the department (City of Belfort, Community of Belfortaine Agglomeration, General Council of the Territoire de Belfort, Communities of Communes).


Mixed Transport Association of the Territory of Belfort

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